Teachers In Montgomery Co.

These names were gathered from school records kept in the Mt. Ida grade school.  I was told the records "floated" from one school to another, and finally were deposited in a closet at the grade school. Some have been destroyed, and I was told more would be.  I copied each page of these records and although some of them are very poor copies I still have them.  The person/persons in charge of school records did a very poor job and many blanks, or illegible lines are found. Some don't have dates, or the grades taught.  However, we are grateful to have even this much.  No doubt had this not been gotten when it was there would be little chance of saving any of these records.  They wouldn't let me look at the student records, but I did see that there were a lot of them. Also some cards the teachers signed each year, but time prevented me from going through each item.  These records are from the teachers contracts. Some of the older ones are pulled from Census records.

NOTE: These are only the teachers from the Norman School District. The rest will be typed as time permits.

Martha Abee 1926,29 Slatington/Scott

Bessie Aldridge 1925 Liberty

C.E. Alexander 1941-42 BlkSpgs/ NHS

Zena Alexander  Sulphur Spgs.

Zena Awtry Alexander 1931-58 Black Spgs.

James Anderson 1870 Mt. Twp

Walter Armar 1880 Black Spgs.

E.E. Aston 1927-30 CVA Supt.

E.U. (Mrs.) Aston 1927, 52 NHS & Elem

Fay Atchley 1941-42 Music NHS

Lensey Audrich 1934-39 Elem.

Efridge E. Ault 1910 Womble

JeanReece Avra 1952-51 Com/Soc. Sci.

Isaac Awtrey Black Spgs.

Bernice Baker 1937 English/Music

Benny Barksdale 1935 Eng/ Drama

Ellis Barnett 1927 UK

Gretta C. Barr 1924-25 Music  1948-56 Music

Alonzo Bates Sulphur Spgs.

Gladys Bates 1944 Sulphur Spgs.

Gladys Bates Sulphur Spgs.

Fannie Beam 1944-50 Elem.

Mrs. Vance Beasley 1940-41 Comm.

Vance Beasley 1940-41 Agri.

C.R. Benbrook 1933 Agri.

E.O. Bennett 1930-37 Supt. H.S.

Ethel Bennett 1934 UK

Marvin Black 1952 Bus Dr.

Occo Black 1945-47 Elem.

Occo Black Sulphur Spgs.

Perry Black Sulphur Spgs.

Perry G. Black 1933-41 Elem.

Thurman Black 1949-51 Bus Dr.

Fay Bohannon 1949, 51-63 Supt./Math

Robert T. Booth 1880 Center Twp

Lina Boyce 1925-26 H.S.

Millie Brewer 1910 Womble

Nellie Brooke 1931 Perrin

Buddy McA. Brown 1965, 68 Soc. Stu/ Math

G.L. (Mrs.) Brown 1941 Bible

Anderson "Aandy" Buck 1958 Janitor

Bobbie Jean Bumpus 1953-58 Home Ec.

Mrs. Bundt 1920s CVA

Josh Burrough /Burrow 1944 Janitor NHS

Evelyn D. Burton 1951 Home Ec.

Eunice Byers 1934-37 Bible  1944-69 Bible & Lib.

Vernon Byers 1934 UK

John E. Byrd 1954 6th

John E. (Mrs.) Byrd 1956 Sub.

Elsie B. Calvin 1926-27 CVA

Otis Campbell 1931 UK

Lora Hughes Carpenter 1939-53 Elem.

Coach Carson 1938 H.S.

Harry S. Carson 1931 UK

W.S. (Mrs.) Cazort, Jr. 1947 Home Ec.

Mr. Clardy 1929 Coach

Nora Clardy 1924-39 Elem.

Alline Clowers 1950 Home Ec.

Ted M. Clowers 1950-51 Prin/Soc. Stu.

Luther Cobb 1926-29 CVA

Glen Cogburn 1945 Bus Dr.

James Cogburn 1870 Gap Twp

Louise Cole 1860 So. Fork Twp

Maxine Cook 1943-46 Elem.

Marion Covington Slatington

Cora Cox 1924 Sardis, Liberty

Lendell Dalrymple 1959-62 Coach

Verma L. Dalrymple 1959-60 Elem.

Delmer Davidson 1942 UK

Essie L. Davis 1950-51 Home Ec.

Mrs. Davis English

Frankye Jo Driggers 1961-62 4th Grade

Anna Mae Duke 1935 Happy Home

Anna Mae Duke 1948-71 Elem.

Edna Dutton 1942, 44 UK

Lela Dutton 1921, 24 UK

Thomas Dutton 1959 Bus Dr.

Geraldene Edwards 1965, 68 UK

Cloe Dell Entricken 1949,56-71 Home Ec/Sci.

G.W. Epperson 1927 UK

Hazel Epperson 1971 UK

Joseph Estes 1880 Mt. Twp

Mae Eudy 1943-63 Elem.

Johnie Ewing 1963-64, 66 UK

Vera Ferguson 1921 CVA

Virgil S. Ferguson 1910 Scott Twp

Ann Fiddler 1920 CVA

Ralph Finch 1948 Coach

Ralph Finch 1948 Hist.

Roy Flatt 1937-38 Elem.

Bessie Fried 1926 CVA

Bun Gantz 1926-29 CVD

Dixie Gaston 1946 Bus Dr.

Granville Gaston 194754-55 Bus Dr.

Lincoln Gaston 1957 Bus Dr.

Walter Gaston 1943-46 Bus Dr.

Sitha S. Gatlin 1900 Scott 

Thomas H. Gillaspie 1910 Womble

Mathias Glaze Liberty

Lilar  Hart Godair 1941 Elem.

Flossie Goodner 1935 UK

Mrs. G. Gordon 1922 UK

Winifred Graham 1925, 27 UK

Ben Graves 1951-55 Bus Dr.

Howard Graves 1956, 58 Bus Dr.

Larry Graves 1957 Bus Dr.

Earnest Green 1944 Bus Dr.

Freida Green 1941-49 English,  1951-71 English

Ira Green 1943 Bus Dr.

Linda Green 1964 UK

Marvin Green 1944 Bus Dr.

Octavia Green Waco

Octavia R. Green 1924-29 Elem.

Octavia R. Green 1941-42 Elem.

Adele Hart 1937-41 Elem.

Lilar Hart 1934-40 Elem.

Agnes L. Heard 1910 Womble

Frank Hensey 1952 Janitor

Elsie Bates Hickey Elem.

Elsie Bates Hickey 1942-43 Jr. Hi.

Nolan (Mrs.) Hickey 1941 4-5 Grade

Bethel Hicks 1961-66 UK

Harvey Hicks 1949-51 Bus Dr.

Itha Hicks 1953-59 Janitor

Fannie Jones Highsmith Black Spgs.

Othia Highsmith 1935 UK

W.H. Highsmith 1880 Black Spgs.

Nona Mae Hill 1965-71 UK

Ida Hitchcock 1921 CVA

Walter Hitchcock 1921 CVA

Grace Holcomb 1927 UK

Corinne Holt 1934 UK

Mack Hopper Sulphur Spgs.

Mack Hopper 1925-26 UK

Viola Hopper 1925 UK

Amos Horn Sardis

Amos Horn Liberty

Nelson Howell 1949 Bus Dr.

Arvell Hughes 1931, 40 Elem.

Charlie Hughes 1949-59 Bus Dr.

Lorene Hughes 1943 Sulphur Spgs.

Mr. Hughes Albert

Wesley Hughes 1943 Bus Dr.

T.A. Humble Normal Sch.

Ray Irons 1938 Elem.

Magg Jackson 1880 Mazarn Twp

E.C. Jenkins 1937-38 UK

Oscar Jenkins 1924 UK

Enos M. Johnson 1850 Gap Twp

Faye Johnson 1927 UK

Izora Johnson 1926 UK

John Johnson 1929 UK

Rosie Johnson 1929 UK

A.M. Jones 1926 UK

Fred Jones 1921, 40-41 Prin. Math

J.Fred (Mrs.) Jones 1940-41 Hm. Ec.

Mr. Kelley 1897 Black Spgs.

Daniel E. Kelly 1941 Bus Dr.

Iva Kelly 1927 UK

A.G. Kennedy 1940 Bible & Latin

E.C. Kennedy 1939 Bible

Vaughn W. Kesterson 1965-71 Hist/Civ/Cch

W.L. King 1924 UK

E.E. Kirk 1939 Agri.

Edsel Kiser 1955-68 Sci.

W.W. Kiser 1944-45 Bus Dr.

Lattie Knight UK UK

Lattie Knight Waco

Lettie Knight 1910 Caddo Twp

Nannie Knight 1910 Caddo Twp

Nanny Knight UK UK

Nanny Knight Waco

Kohanna (?) Kock (?) 1924 UK

Bertha Lashley 1917 Womble

Lois Latture 1937-39 Hm. Ec.

Vera Lawless 1931 UK

Jennie Lingerfeldt 1944-5 Elem.

Nelda Lingerfeldt 1941-42 Elem.

W.A. Logan 1929 UK

Abby Lothrop 1860 So. Fork Twp

Mildred Loudermilk 1931 Black Spgs, 1928 Perrin

Otis Loudermilk 1952-53 Janitor Blk. Spgs

Virginia Loudermilk 1929 UK

C.W. Maddox 1945-47 Jr. High

Ode Maddox 1942-43 Supt/Math

Willie Maddox H.S.& Elem.

Genevieve Magee 1935 English/Music

H.T. Majors 1870 Gap Twp

Wynee Lee Manning 1927 CVA

Esther Mason 1926-27 UK

Sue Massingill 1945-46 Hm. Ec.

John R. McCarnel 1910 Womble

Nannie McCaskill 1924 CVA

J.B. McConnell 1935 Soc. Stud.

Prof. McConnell Normal Sch.

Drew McDonald 1949 Bus Dr.

Mr. McElhannon 1917 Womble

Rena McFadden 1924 UK

Cora Cox McKinney 1925-66 Elem. 1st

John V. McLean 1900 Gap Twp

Blanche Melvin 1925 Elem.

Blanche Melvin 1927 CVA

Gilbert Mendey 1971 UK

Sara Meneley 1971 UK

Zella Milam 1929 UK

Basil Miller 1965-69 UK

E.L. Miller 1951 Janitor

Hulan Miller 1948-59 Bus Dr.

Junius B. Miller 1860 So. Fork Twp

Lonnie Miller 1952 Bus Dr.

Orville Miller 1953-55 Bus Dr.

Bernice Montgomery 1925 UK

Vernon Moore 1934 UK

Vernon Moore 1935 Norman

Fanny E. Morris 1910 Polk Twp

Robet T. Morris 1910 Polk Twp

Samuel D. Morris 1910 Caney Twp

Wallace W. Morris 1910 Polk Twp

Watie (?) Morris 1910 Polk Twp

Otis P. Mullenix 1955-57 Prin/6th Grade

Dr. Murphy 1900 Murphy

Ella Murphy 1924 UK

G.G. Murphy 1921-22 CVA

Mable Murphy 1929 UK

W. Harvey New 1926-52 Hist/Math/Supt

W.H. Nicholson 1924 UK

Mrs. Anna Orton 1921-28 Elem.

Mr. Parker UK

Walter W. Parks 1948-49 Agri.

D. Elizabeth Penn 1944 Hm. Ec.

Richard H. Peshall 1870 So. Fork Twp

Ralph Pinkerton 1962-66 Coach/Hist/Sci.

Proff. Pitman Normal Sch.

J.O. Plummer 1937 H.S. Prin.

Thurston Poole 1946 Uknown

Clinton C. Powell 1950-51 Elem.

William J. Powers 1880 Mazarn Twp

Leota Prowse Womble

Grace Brown Pryor 1935 UK

Eril D. Puckett 1953 Prin/Math

F.C. Purviance 1922-26 CVA Supt.

Paul L. Raines 1958-63 Coach/Sci.

Albert Rainwater Sulphur Spgs.

Albert Rainwater 1930-31 Sulphur Spgs.

Alice Rainwater Sulphur Spgs.

Alice Rainwater 1930-31 Sulphur Spgs.

L.B. Ramsey 1946-48 Bus Dr.

Frances Richardson 1933 Music/Exp.

Esther Riddling 1925 UK

Bud Robbins Womble

C.B. Robbins 1947 Bus Dr.

Clifton Robbins 1045, 48 Bus Dr.

Uk (male) Rockwell 1880 Sulphur Twp

L. Rogan 1886-60 Black Spgs.

C. C.  (Mrs.) Rowton 1925-27 UK

Helen E. Runyan 1945-47 Elem.

J.W. (Mrs.) Rushing 1958-59 Elem.

Nell Jeter Saunders 1934-42 Elem.

David Scott 1969-71 Supt.

Dorothy Scott 1969 UK

John Sells 1946 Bus Dr.

Pauline Shannon 1931 UK

Ruby Wehunt Shannon Sulphur Spgs.

Florence Sharp 1943-54 Sci.

Harvey Shaw 1934 Agri.

J.H. Shaw 1935,41 Agri.

Ruthie Mae Sherman 1939 Sulphur Spgs.

Paul Shields 1956-57 Bus Dr.

A.A. Shugart 1939 Math

Miss. Simeton 1931-32 Bible

Lois Simpson 1935 Hm. Ec.

Roy V. Simpson 1934-35 Elem.,  1953 Bus Dr.

Lois Sims 1937 H.S.

Ben I. Flatte 1934-35 H.S. Prin.

Cora Sloan 1924 UK

Ada Smith 1917 UK

Ada Smith Waco

Agnes Smith 1940 Music

Bobby Smith 1937-38 Elem.

James Smith UK UK

James Smith Perrin

Arris Stafford 1921 UK

Ava Stafford 1924-29 Elem.

Viola Stegall 1933 Home Ec.

James H. Stephens 1910 Polk Twp

W.E. Stephens 1926, 31 UK

Effie M. Stephenson 1910 Missouri Twp

Arrie P. Stevens 1910 Polk Twp

Mrs. Stigall High Sch.

Alva Stroop 1943-50 Bus Dr.

A.F. Stroope 1947 Bus Dr.

Edward Talley 1969, 71 UK

Weldon Tarver 1935-42 Supt/Sci./Hist.

Catherine Tatum 1948 Hm. Ec.

Juanita Taylor 1965-71 UK

Massie L. Taylor 1910 Polk Twp

Faye Teague 1927-52 Comm.

Pete Teague 1928 Coach

Pete Teague 1924-29 UK

Lela Maye Terrall 1934 H.S.

Gertrude Thomas 1924 UK

A.C. Thompson Black Spgs.

Frankye Jo Towery 1960 UK

Lonnie VanSteenwyk 1958 Bus Dr.

David R. Vaught 1900 Gap Twp

Bernard E. Venable 1965,68 Supt.

John M. Vernon 1910 H.S. Womble

L.C. Waggoner 1950-58 Comm/Coach

Elrod Wallace 1948 Bus Dr.

Ava Stafford Watson Murphy

L.Z. Watson 1950-71 Agri.

Mildred Watson 1946-71 Black Spgs.

J.M. Wattenbarger 1951 Bus Dr.

Ruby Shannon Wehunt 1941 Sulphur Spgs.

Isaac F. Welch 1880 Crystal Twp

Ray West 1929 UK

Mr. Westfal 1897 Black Spgs.

Albert L. Westfall 1910 Walnut Twp

Ina Weston 1944 UK

Cleve Whisenhunt 1969-71 UK

Elmer White 1927,29, 31 UK

J.L. White 1921 UK

Ada Whittington UK Elem.

Ada Whittington Waco

Christine Whittington 1964, 66 Elem.

Jane Whittington 1971 UK

Lehman Williams 1954 Janitor BS

W.M. Williams 1870 Gap Twp

G.B. Willis 1870 Gap Twp

Doyle Wilson 1963-67 Supt.

Majorie Witherspoon 1933 UK

Ida Mae Wood 1943 Home Ec.

Lonnie Young 1959 Bus Dr.

Roy Young 1943-48 Bus Dr.

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