Historic Norman High School

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The old Norman High School is in its thirteenth year of renovation. We have come a long way from the building that had suffered from more than 30 years of neglect, to the beautiful building we have today.  The roof, windows and doors have all been replaced and most of the rooms have been refurbished.  

The building now houses a museum which depicts life in a sawmill town, featuring a "one-room school", "house", "business office", "wagon room", "Milk Barn", and "100 year-old Laundry".  The auditorium is also nearing completion and is used for school reunions each October and it has served as a meeting place for public events.

The downstairs has been turned into a flea market, in order to help raise money for the school renovation and upkeep.  

The school is open from April through October on Tuesday & Friday, only, from 10:30-5.  Anyone needing a special appointment can contact the owners.

Norman is a small town situated within one block of the beautiful Caddo River.  The town has three important historic features: the old High School, the town square & library, and the Indian Burial Ground.  At present there are two cafes, a convince store with deli, a service station. beauty shop, a wholesale oil company, and the post office.  There are three flea markets in Norman and one thrift store.  One of the most important businesses in the county is the Gretta Lane Food Bank, which serves people from all over the county.  There are five churches.


HOME ECONOMICS Cottage... Three bedroom, triple kitchen, living-room, and bath.  All kinds of possibilities for this building: home, caretaker cottage,  B & B, or rental.  Beautifully refinished, original wood floors, gas burning fireplace, 12 foot ceilings, easy to heat and cool, creamy soft color throughout, trimmed in white.  A great space with a door at back that could be opened on to a nice deck.

home ec 394

Spacious lawn and rock wall fronting Highway 8, only a block from the Caddo River and right across the highway from the historic little town library.  The Caddo Indian Burial Ground is only a couple of blocks away.

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